Generic Xenical

Generic Xenical – Maintain Your Weight

Xenical is prescribed by the doctors to maintain the weight as well as weight gain. There are many people present, who are taking this medication and also getting the best results within a short span. Usually, patients should take generic xenical three times a day with each meal, which contains fat. You can take medicine during the meal or after one hour. In case, there is no fat in the meal then miss the dose of that time.

Who should not use xenical?

If you are thinking about taking this medicine, then make sure that you are eligible to take this. This medicine is not suitable for everyone so must discuss with the doctor before taking. There are so many situations when a person can’t use cheap xenical, and if you have any of these, then it can harm you.

  • People, who have allergy issues because of medicine’s ingredients, are not allowed to take xenical.
  • If you have some gallbladder issues or absorbing food problems, then you are also not able to use this medicine.
  • Pregnant women are restricted for xenical because it may lead to a number of health related problems.

Moving further, if you have any seizure disorder or diabetes, then you should also tell the doctor about this. People, who are dealing with kidney problems or liver issues, HIV, unusual heart rhythm, can’t take this medication without the prescription of the pharmacist. Not only this, but patients should also tell doctors about the list of medicines, which have already taken in the past.  Some of them are –

  • Antiretroviral
  • Pacerone
  • Jantoven
  • Tirosint
  • Levoxyl

How to take xenical?

There are so many people, who are taking this medicine, but they don’t know the exact way of using this. Well, patients are only required to go further according to the instructions of doctors. The number of doses and the time difference between two doses will be described by doctors, and you just need to follow that properly.

If you are already taking some other medicines, then tell the doctor about this so that he/she can make the proper plan regarding doses. For instance, if you are taking a multivitamin then maintain the difference of 2 hours in both medicines. Apart from this, you should be aware and take each dose on time for the fast and better results in health.