Side-effects of consuming xenical

Are you the one who is eager to lose weight? If yes then there are many things which you can use to do the job.  Taking medication to reduce weight is not only the option which you can use. These medications can bring harmful effects also to your body instead of giving you some benefits. There is no doubt in it that if you take the xenical medication, then you will feel that you have lost your weight.

But along with the loss of weight, you have to deal with many health problems in the future. So if you are one of them who are planning to take the xenical medication, then don’t worry but make sure that you are eligible to take the medication after consulting with the doctor.


There are many side-effects of using the xenical medication, and some of those are mentioned below. Those are:-

Body pain

If you are one of them who is taking the xenical medication, then you will realize that your body will start paining. Because of taking the medication it will let your body weight get reduced but along with this, it will make your muscles also weak and will cause pain in your body. It is a very common and primary side-effect which occurs at the first when you will take the medication.


When you take the xenical medication, then your body will start to get infected because of it, and it will cause diarrhea in your body. You have to take care when you will go to take the medication because this medication can cause many other side0effects to your body which are not good for you.

Difficulty in breathing

The xenical medication is used to treat the obesity problem, but along with reducing the weight, it will lead to cause a problem in breathing also for you. It is a very serious problem, and it can cause many other serious issues in your body, so it is good to avoid the medication. If you can reduce the weight without taking the medication, then you should go for those ways only.

These are few side-effects; otherwise, there are many other side-effects also which you can face in future if you take the medication. The post is not made to claim that xenical medication is bad, but you have to take it with the guidance and approval of a doctor.